The work that we do at Seattle Chinese Alliance Church is supported by the regular tithes and offerings from individuals in our congregation. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity in giving to the church. You may donate to a variety of ministry areas at SCAC including…

  • 常費 (General Fund) – 教會一般運作, 包括日常開支, 教牧同工薪金和福利, 各部門及團契事工開支, 及支持宣道總會或區會的運作.
  • 差傳 (Missions Fund) – 支持宣教團體, 宣道會內的機構 (大使命基金,宣道神學院等), 非宣道會機構 (不同地域的華人宣教團體).
  • 差傳 - 短宣隊 (Missions Fund - STM) – 西宣差傳事工 - 短期宣教工作, 差傳大會.
  • 神學助學金 (Seminary Scholarship Fund) – 支持神學生. 鼓勵信徒考慮全職事奉.
  • 慈慰基金 (Benevolent Fund) – 支持社區中有特別需要的人士.
  • 擴堂/維修 (Building Fund) – 作堂址擴充,維修, 及改善之用.
  • 西宣植堂 (Church Planting Fund) – 支持將來西宣植堂工作.
  • 仁愛基金 (Elevate Humanity Fund) – 用來支持教會以外的慈善工作來見證神的慈愛與心意. 藉此基金弟兄姊妹亦可以申請他們公司的捐助倍增計劃.

To give to a specific ministry area simply click on the 奉獻 button above, enter the amount or login to your account. On the final payment page click on “Add special instructions to the seller” to specify the ministry area you are donating to. Undesignated funds will be directed to the General Fund.

仁愛基金 (Elevate Humanity Fund)

The Elevate Humanity Fund is a charitable non-religious fund used to support our justice and mercy work on Beacon Hill and the orphans we support in China. This fund is eligible for matching donations from many companies.

For Microsoft Employees…

Submit a matching gift for donations you’ve made financially to SCAC’s Elevate Humanity Fund. Every dollar you put in equals a dollar that’s matched.

Submit your volunteer hours and receive $25 per hour to the organization you volunteered with.

You can also donate cash to the Elevate Humanity Fund and request a match in the form of software offered at a reduced price for non-profit organizations.